Friday, May 28, 2010

my can be summer weim?

hello interpeepoles! this jackson! wow man i can sais this bloggings has been slow times! many much things has happening in the couple months pass. me and daddee gets new place for livings with uncle andy! uncle andy is police occifer like mama but uncle andy makes motocycles riding for drivers get ticketing! daddee buys himself a motocycle too but my not can ride it beecuz my is not motoweim. daddee drives many much two fast for my. he sais has to cause he drink monster drink and makes energee! but mama yells sais NO MONSTER CAUSE BAD FOR YOU!! he sneekings them still but you not tell mama! i hear daddee talk about talk to mamas daddee bout stuffs. sais he has a ask mama something to be merry! my dont know this meanings but my thinks mama and daddee has get a license like me and big brother and eat pancakes like reel famleez!

look my sleep!! my has faking but i trick daddee! hahahahahahahahaha!

gotta go now for tv shows is on!! buy buy!