Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hi all blogsters!!!

this jackson. has been won months since me and big brother bloggings?! what we doing for not bloggings? mama gonna be mad for she like this place when we sais things for reading. so much go happening lately! One time i go desert with daddy for wurk. we go for quick walk in desert bushes daddy sais "go pee pee" and we gets back in daddy car. but won times he lets me eating sticks!! also i sees giant grey birds flying in the sky!! them is sooooo loud! daddy sais they hornets. i sais whats is hornets daddy? he sais effayteen hornets from these navee base. you know what he talkings about? my not. look my stick!

then we has yummies ice creams with mama on the way home from daddy wurks and i gets cool face darks!! make seeings harder but look wayyy cool! you see too?

daddy has buys me big boy caller for when my gets biggs but he and mama no can waits for my biggs so gives clothes to big brother. is handsome! i tell daddy for to get picture of big brother in them new clothes for you peeples! i get biggs clothes soon though!

mama and daddy to go for fishings trip soon i thinks. daddy sais will be fun! i try sneak inside land croozer so my can see those fishings!! will tells you later if i don't get caught!

buy buy <3 jackson