Saturday, July 3, 2010

hello alls my innernets frends! this jackson!! oh to tells you all the thing happenings in last times!! ok you can know. my is a dog. a weimerhymer dog. and you knows dogs is begins as puppies? joon is this puppy month says daddee and it makes tru!! oh my dog. soooo many puppies. ok. ok. ok. big brother and my, we gets... littel SISTER!!!!!!! her name dolly. she great dane like big brother but she like cow spots!! see this cow spots on her?!!

oh we make so many much playtimes and she did poops in the hows!! lucky her for she made them poops on the blankit. she has baby barks and is funnee!!

ok. ok. amd you knows what elses? big brother and my and littel sister gets... a new ant!! is ant molly!! she is boxer live nana and pawpaw hows. nana sais ant molly is the evils but my not meet her yet. by my is excited to plays for her!!!! you see ant molly and that ant beasley in the bak?? they is some my family!

so joon has be month four puppies!! plus other friends! my and big brother and mama and daddee we goes DOG BEACH!! my has waves fun and sand fun and run fun so much!! is place of waters where us dogs is run free! my has a seaweed!!

after dog beach we goes new dog park meets wiki and wikimom!! we make run and fun and mama and daddee and wikimom has talkings in the tree shade. maybe not see them more for long times daddee sais wikimom makes cool new workings in the new yorks. my not know was wrong with the old yorks but they has be gone i guess. so my says good luck to wiki and wikimom in this new far places! you see wikiweim? she makes pretty weim foto :) my has maybe crush on her!

tomorrow daddee sais is forfa jooly. my no know this but he sais is scary for my and big brother and littel sister. he sais maybe we stays in this crates for the evening but maybe who knows? he sais yay for merica so yay!!

ok i has a go now. is pass littel sister bedtime and my has a take her to crate so she not crys all nights for keep me up. my is goodbrotherweim!

please you has a grate day! buy buy! love jackson

Saturday, June 5, 2010

hello gud mornings!!!

gud mornings to everwon. this jackson! twoday is saterdays!! mama has go for working protex peepoles from peepoles pleez for she is brave mama! there nice place buy her working and she brings chew toys for my and big brother. oh so tasteez!! yesserday daddee pupnapped ant zoe and her and big brother and my go dog park in middle day! was empteez!! my has hole park for running but hot so my just sits under table with ant zoe. my is lazyweim! big brother go chase his ball but he find tree for sitting underz when he makes hots too!

Look my crazees! my thinks my can has land croozer shotgun!! daddee he sais get in the back and my goes jump! then my trow up in daddee land croozer. oops daddee!

Friday, May 28, 2010

my can be summer weim?

hello interpeepoles! this jackson! wow man i can sais this bloggings has been slow times! many much things has happening in the couple months pass. me and daddee gets new place for livings with uncle andy! uncle andy is police occifer like mama but uncle andy makes motocycles riding for drivers get ticketing! daddee buys himself a motocycle too but my not can ride it beecuz my is not motoweim. daddee drives many much two fast for my. he sais has to cause he drink monster drink and makes energee! but mama yells sais NO MONSTER CAUSE BAD FOR YOU!! he sneekings them still but you not tell mama! i hear daddee talk about talk to mamas daddee bout stuffs. sais he has a ask mama something to be merry! my dont know this meanings but my thinks mama and daddee has get a license like me and big brother and eat pancakes like reel famleez!

look my sleep!! my has faking but i trick daddee! hahahahahahahahaha!

gotta go now for tv shows is on!! buy buy!

Friday, March 12, 2010

hi you interpeeplz!

has been many much munths since this last bloggings but here my is! this jackson for you dont knows. many much things has happening since halloweentimes! in six days my birthday is! my is going for be wun years old and a big dog! big brother has teechings me bark EVERY SINGLE TIME my hears a noise. daddee sais "is enough!" but my still does it cause fun :) we go dog park sooooo much! mama has many workings and classes for master degree. my no knows what need degree for? she is good master already to big brother and my!

so my has go now. my loves you has a good day! look! couch dog!! don't tell mama!