Friday, October 30, 2009

trick or treat? no is even good kwestyun!

hi everwons! this jackson! my is over sevin munths old now! you can beleeves it?! and is time for candiez tomorrow! my so exciting! my ant steffany teechings me bout explorashun marx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like this ones!!!!!!!!! makes my bloggings many much smart and funnys!

anywayz, halloween is heres and is my favorites! mama and daddee buys us this costyooms for walking with human puppies in the tomorrow nights! my is a chicken. big brother is punkin. we will sniffs out this treats from these houses! yes! daddee says my is the cutest chicken ever! see? my is weimarooster!

big brother and my goes work with daddee now. sometimes he has drives out of town and we stays in our crates for little bit, but many much times we goes to place he calls YARD. my not no what YARD means but is fun place! has rabbits and pine cones for chewings! and very biggs for running and running! also is many sticks for findings and today i slips in mud. was so funnys cause then i gets it all over daddees leg pants. hahahahahaha! this us snoozes in daddees office :)

sometimes daddee takes rest with us puppies on the floor too. he good daddee and mama takes pictures of us for share you. see?!

gotta go now. i think my hears a pine cone and must has chew it!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hi all blogsters!!!

this jackson. has been won months since me and big brother bloggings?! what we doing for not bloggings? mama gonna be mad for she like this place when we sais things for reading. so much go happening lately! One time i go desert with daddy for wurk. we go for quick walk in desert bushes daddy sais "go pee pee" and we gets back in daddy car. but won times he lets me eating sticks!! also i sees giant grey birds flying in the sky!! them is sooooo loud! daddy sais they hornets. i sais whats is hornets daddy? he sais effayteen hornets from these navee base. you know what he talkings about? my not. look my stick!

then we has yummies ice creams with mama on the way home from daddy wurks and i gets cool face darks!! make seeings harder but look wayyy cool! you see too?

daddy has buys me big boy caller for when my gets biggs but he and mama no can waits for my biggs so gives clothes to big brother. is handsome! i tell daddy for to get picture of big brother in them new clothes for you peeples! i get biggs clothes soon though!

mama and daddy to go for fishings trip soon i thinks. daddy sais will be fun! i try sneak inside land croozer so my can see those fishings!! will tells you later if i don't get caught!

buy buy <3 jackson

Friday, August 14, 2009

daddy sais

i has shares tois with big brother. i is faster round corners than hims so when keeps away from big brother i wins. daddy says can leet big brother win sometimes. my ranned into the corner of the howlway this morening and so i drop toi for big brother cause i sharing (actually i drops it cause head hurts and dint wanna share but thats what daddy thinks so doent tell him k?). i happees cause tomrow is for daddy stays home for play with us gud bois all day!!!!!!!! we has rompings in the living room and sometimes daddy has sais "No!" cause i nips him little bit when get cited! and big brother goes leans on him and does slobberings in his hair and shirt. EW big brother!! my no has slobberings cause i not grate dane. i is weimaraner! best dog evers! oh hi. gotta go. look this picture of big brother. i lets him have that toi with shares. buy buy. <3 jackson

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

I don't feel old...

But I guess I'm no pup anymore. Day before yesterday I celebrated my one year birthday which technically puts me into adulthood. Or does it? If you're only as old as you feel then I must be four and a half months old because I keep up with Jackson all day long. And Dad still won't let me have the silver can juice. He says I'm not old enough yet. Something about being 21 human years old. I don't really get it. My birthday was great, though! We got to sleep in (as the picture proves) and Dad grilled up a turkey burger for each of us! And Jackson got in way big trouble and tossed outside because after he ate his burger, he decided to snag Mama's off the table when she was in the other room. Dad finally felt bad for him and Mama let him back in the house and we all sat around watching tv.

And the presents!! Mama brought home such wonderful presents! A stuffed cat toy, a squeaky ball, and a weird rubber thing for tug-of-war with Jackson. So far we have destroyed everything but the rubber thing. And a few days ago Dad got me a couple long and skinny stuffed toys that I shake around and hit myself in the face with. Jackson already broke one of them. Of course. We can never have nice things.

There are construction guys working on the house next door. Gotta go bark at them for an hour or six.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

oh nose!!!!!!!!!

mama. daddy. my knows you reeds this bloggings. look this green milk crate. is emptys!!! big brother and my needz more tois for fill it please. today big brother birfday. he won years old.
daddys gets him two birfday tois last week earleez but i breaks them allready. you can buys more? buy buy. <3 jackson

Monday, August 3, 2009

A fine dane weekend!

What a weekend! I went so many places I don't even remember them all! Mama works on Saturdays so usually Jackson and I are just hanging out with Daddy at home while he does house chores. I don't really know what the word "chores" means but it seems to have something to do with sitting on the couch and drinking juice out of silver cans. But not this weekend! We left Jackson at home and took a Daddy and Dane day! First we went to Taco Bell. I had already eaten that morning so I didn't get anything but I'm used to not getting people food. Then we went to Daddy's office to pick up a piece of paper. Then we went to the bank. I've never been in a bank before but it was so cold in there! I guess being in a bank makes people scared because the lady walking out pretty much jumped out of her skin as soon as I came around the corner. I didn't bark or go toward her or anything so I know she wasn't scared of me... We went home and just hung out in the living room with Jackson the rest of the afternoon. Then on Sunday Mama and Daddy got up EARLY to go to the lake but the boat at Mama's Mama's house was broken so everyone just went back to bed! Oh man. Jackson is biting at my legs again. This kid never leaves me alone when I

hi!!!!!!!! this jackson! i bite big brother and makes him leave so my can types! he ready wroted bout the boat. then we go for lunch at mamas mamas house and play in the yard and run round the couch over and over and over and over and everyone laugh when i slips and slides. then we go dog park!! yes! play lots with big dogs and litle dogs. i plays in a kid pool just a litle bit cause my no know water too much yet. then mama and daddy has baskettis and whine. daddy gives me a lik of his baskettis on his finger but mama doent know so you no tell her k? i gotta go. big brother coming back! but here a picture us in mamas new car after the park! is big in the back! like it!

Friday, July 31, 2009

birdee has attitudes

this that dum bird lulu i sais about. she is conyour. more is conartist. always gets the mama and daddy hold her and scruffie her fethers. she bad bird. even my doent poop on the floor anymore butt lulu duz! she make loud birdee bark but i louder haha. dum bird. i try tell big brother "just eat her!" but he no want get troubles from mama. big brother is nice boi. i is energee!! daddy says my make him tired some daze. but he is my daddy and i lovs him. that why i liks inside his ears and nose and mowth. hw sais ew but he sais lovs me back. tomoro i go see ant lucy and ant beti and ant beasley at nana and papa house! k gotta go. hav to make my whole bigger for daddy gets home! buy buy. <3 jackson

This makes my back hurt

Soooo.... I'm not really sure what's going on here. This is one of Aunt J's cats. How can it sleep like that?! I'm flexible but not like that! Cat's are weird.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

i has a gross

big brother he uses my for slobberings. is ew. buy buy. <3 jackson

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mama makes painting

last nite mama does the paintings. she has the latter so can reech the sealing and she goes big stretch to get the tops! I hear her sais how spensive paint gettings and daddy sais no even bother painting the room brown cause me and big brother just gonna to get the walls dirtee and look likes brown anywa. and me thought paint dry veri fast. nuh uh!

i go now watch videos on youtoobs. funny cat videos. cats is dumb. buy buy. <3 jackson

Almost my birthday!

So I was digging around in some old photos and came across a few I thought I'd share with you. My little brother Jackson doesn't believe me but I used to be a puppy just like him. Well, not JUST like him. I mean, we are different breeds and I'm not psychotic. Anyway, I found this photo daddy took of me when I was young in the back of mama's old car. I was pooped!

And this other picture was taken one of the first nights after my little brother came home. Mama had just gotten me a new collar so cars can see me in the dark. I miss Jackson being small. He slept a lot and, for the most part, left me alone. Those days are long gone now. I have to admit he sure was a cute little tyke, though. What I don't understand is why he loves biting my legs! I sure wish he'd stop that.

I think I hear Bear (the neighbor dog) barking at the fence. There must be something going on. Or maybe there's nothing going on. Bear isn't really that smart. Either way I'd better go join him.


p.s. My birthday is August 5. I'll be one. Just so you know...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello interwebs peoples!

this our blog. we is too dogs. one great dane and won weimaraner names cooper and jackson. we are live with mama and daddy and stupid bird lulu. sometimes people comes to our yard and big brother barks at them. he show me how do it and have fun. sometimes when mama and daddy goes to work i dig wholes in the ground. the other dae i turned on the fawcet and made a mud puddle. then i gets in it. then daddy yells says "get away from me!" i try put my pawprints on his shorts so other doggies know is mine but he sais "OFF!" big brother has slobbers and always takes my toys when i try chew them. big brother sais he blog later. he tired. buy buy. <3 jackson