Friday, October 30, 2009

trick or treat? no is even good kwestyun!

hi everwons! this jackson! my is over sevin munths old now! you can beleeves it?! and is time for candiez tomorrow! my so exciting! my ant steffany teechings me bout explorashun marx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like this ones!!!!!!!!! makes my bloggings many much smart and funnys!

anywayz, halloween is heres and is my favorites! mama and daddee buys us this costyooms for walking with human puppies in the tomorrow nights! my is a chicken. big brother is punkin. we will sniffs out this treats from these houses! yes! daddee says my is the cutest chicken ever! see? my is weimarooster!

big brother and my goes work with daddee now. sometimes he has drives out of town and we stays in our crates for little bit, but many much times we goes to place he calls YARD. my not no what YARD means but is fun place! has rabbits and pine cones for chewings! and very biggs for running and running! also is many sticks for findings and today i slips in mud. was so funnys cause then i gets it all over daddees leg pants. hahahahahaha! this us snoozes in daddees office :)

sometimes daddee takes rest with us puppies on the floor too. he good daddee and mama takes pictures of us for share you. see?!

gotta go now. i think my hears a pine cone and must has chew it!!