Saturday, June 5, 2010

hello gud mornings!!!

gud mornings to everwon. this jackson! twoday is saterdays!! mama has go for working protex peepoles from peepoles pleez for she is brave mama! there nice place buy her working and she brings chew toys for my and big brother. oh so tasteez!! yesserday daddee pupnapped ant zoe and her and big brother and my go dog park in middle day! was empteez!! my has hole park for running but hot so my just sits under table with ant zoe. my is lazyweim! big brother go chase his ball but he find tree for sitting underz when he makes hots too!

Look my crazees! my thinks my can has land croozer shotgun!! daddee he sais get in the back and my goes jump! then my trow up in daddee land croozer. oops daddee!