Friday, March 12, 2010

hi you interpeeplz!

has been many much munths since this last bloggings but here my is! this jackson for you dont knows. many much things has happening since halloweentimes! in six days my birthday is! my is going for be wun years old and a big dog! big brother has teechings me bark EVERY SINGLE TIME my hears a noise. daddee sais "is enough!" but my still does it cause fun :) we go dog park sooooo much! mama has many workings and classes for master degree. my no knows what need degree for? she is good master already to big brother and my!

so my has go now. my loves you has a good day! look! couch dog!! don't tell mama!


  1. Jackson, you got so big! You are a very handsome boy. Wiki wants to wish you a very happy almost birthday. She hopes you get lots of treats and toys to celebrate your big day, and maybe some squirrels and birdies will let you chase them.

    Also, she says good job on all the barking. I tell her "enough" sometimes, too, but she never listens. You kids sure do know how to protect your parents, even when they aren't asking for it.

    I know your parents are very busy, but you come back and tell us how you're doing more often, okay?

  2. but your auntie banger will tell! : ) you are not supposed to be on the couch!

  3. wikimom thanks for yours birfday wishins! daddee he buys my a new chew toy today for earlee my birfday!

    and gramma geo! ant banger is nice girl but she not tells mama or my gets in a trubble! she thinks my is nice boy still!

  4. ah but we know better, now don't we :)

    auntie banger loves you but you are WILD!