Saturday, July 3, 2010

hello alls my innernets frends! this jackson!! oh to tells you all the thing happenings in last times!! ok you can know. my is a dog. a weimerhymer dog. and you knows dogs is begins as puppies? joon is this puppy month says daddee and it makes tru!! oh my dog. soooo many puppies. ok. ok. ok. big brother and my, we gets... littel SISTER!!!!!!! her name dolly. she great dane like big brother but she like cow spots!! see this cow spots on her?!!

oh we make so many much playtimes and she did poops in the hows!! lucky her for she made them poops on the blankit. she has baby barks and is funnee!!

ok. ok. amd you knows what elses? big brother and my and littel sister gets... a new ant!! is ant molly!! she is boxer live nana and pawpaw hows. nana sais ant molly is the evils but my not meet her yet. by my is excited to plays for her!!!! you see ant molly and that ant beasley in the bak?? they is some my family!

so joon has be month four puppies!! plus other friends! my and big brother and mama and daddee we goes DOG BEACH!! my has waves fun and sand fun and run fun so much!! is place of waters where us dogs is run free! my has a seaweed!!

after dog beach we goes new dog park meets wiki and wikimom!! we make run and fun and mama and daddee and wikimom has talkings in the tree shade. maybe not see them more for long times daddee sais wikimom makes cool new workings in the new yorks. my not know was wrong with the old yorks but they has be gone i guess. so my says good luck to wiki and wikimom in this new far places! you see wikiweim? she makes pretty weim foto :) my has maybe crush on her!

tomorrow daddee sais is forfa jooly. my no know this but he sais is scary for my and big brother and littel sister. he sais maybe we stays in this crates for the evening but maybe who knows? he sais yay for merica so yay!!

ok i has a go now. is pass littel sister bedtime and my has a take her to crate so she not crys all nights for keep me up. my is goodbrotherweim!

please you has a grate day! buy buy! love jackson


  1. Jackson,

    I'm so glad you are taking such good care of your cow-spotted little sister. It sounds like you are very good with all the puppies, which is great since there are so many these days!

    We wish we could go play with you at the dog beach before we have to move, but we understand that your sister might get mad dane disease or something if she goes out without all her shots.

    Wiki will keep in touch, but I told her that I thought a long distance relationship would be a bad idea. Sorry! I hope you find another cute girl weim at the dog park. Maybe you'll see one someday and offer her a slobbery ball or a drink at the water fountain and really hit it off.

    Good luck hiding from all the scary fireworks today!

    Wikimom and Wiki

  2. kitty kitty bang(er) bang wants to come play with you. she wants to kick dolly's ass. dolly is a biter-dog and she hurts her!! she is a big moo-cow dog. but she is cute and she goes in her crate now.