Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello interwebs peoples!

this our blog. we is too dogs. one great dane and won weimaraner names cooper and jackson. we are live with mama and daddy and stupid bird lulu. sometimes people comes to our yard and big brother barks at them. he show me how do it and have fun. sometimes when mama and daddy goes to work i dig wholes in the ground. the other dae i turned on the fawcet and made a mud puddle. then i gets in it. then daddy yells says "get away from me!" i try put my pawprints on his shorts so other doggies know is mine but he sais "OFF!" big brother has slobbers and always takes my toys when i try chew them. big brother sais he blog later. he tired. buy buy. <3 jackson


  1. jackson! go lay down! and ask your daddy for some ritalin.

  2. Ritalin works so does conserta. I need to get Gabe some right now... lemme go do that...