Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost my birthday!

So I was digging around in some old photos and came across a few I thought I'd share with you. My little brother Jackson doesn't believe me but I used to be a puppy just like him. Well, not JUST like him. I mean, we are different breeds and I'm not psychotic. Anyway, I found this photo daddy took of me when I was young in the back of mama's old car. I was pooped!

And this other picture was taken one of the first nights after my little brother came home. Mama had just gotten me a new collar so cars can see me in the dark. I miss Jackson being small. He slept a lot and, for the most part, left me alone. Those days are long gone now. I have to admit he sure was a cute little tyke, though. What I don't understand is why he loves biting my legs! I sure wish he'd stop that.

I think I hear Bear (the neighbor dog) barking at the fence. There must be something going on. Or maybe there's nothing going on. Bear isn't really that smart. Either way I'd better go join him.


p.s. My birthday is August 5. I'll be one. Just so you know...

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  1. are so handsome. get rid of that grey appendage that attaches itself to you and you'll have it made...probably in the shade.