Friday, July 31, 2009

birdee has attitudes

this that dum bird lulu i sais about. she is conyour. more is conartist. always gets the mama and daddy hold her and scruffie her fethers. she bad bird. even my doent poop on the floor anymore butt lulu duz! she make loud birdee bark but i louder haha. dum bird. i try tell big brother "just eat her!" but he no want get troubles from mama. big brother is nice boi. i is energee!! daddy says my make him tired some daze. but he is my daddy and i lovs him. that why i liks inside his ears and nose and mowth. hw sais ew but he sais lovs me back. tomoro i go see ant lucy and ant beti and ant beasley at nana and papa house! k gotta go. hav to make my whole bigger for daddy gets home! buy buy. <3 jackson

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