Friday, August 14, 2009

daddy sais

i has shares tois with big brother. i is faster round corners than hims so when keeps away from big brother i wins. daddy says can leet big brother win sometimes. my ranned into the corner of the howlway this morening and so i drop toi for big brother cause i sharing (actually i drops it cause head hurts and dint wanna share but thats what daddy thinks so doent tell him k?). i happees cause tomrow is for daddy stays home for play with us gud bois all day!!!!!!!! we has rompings in the living room and sometimes daddy has sais "No!" cause i nips him little bit when get cited! and big brother goes leans on him and does slobberings in his hair and shirt. EW big brother!! my no has slobberings cause i not grate dane. i is weimaraner! best dog evers! oh hi. gotta go. look this picture of big brother. i lets him have that toi with shares. buy buy. <3 jackson


  1. your big brother is handsome, google-eyes.

  2. jackson,,,,i just have this feeling you don't really share tois very well, do you. if you had a chance, i think that you would keep them all for yourself, except when you want your brother to chase you. and then you scream, "weeee!!!!" so that your big brother gets in trouble. kind of like when you hump on his head. that is not very nice. i don't know about you boys

  3. jackson, ask your mama' to buy you a hat! you would look so cute in a hat.