Friday, August 7, 2009

I don't feel old...

But I guess I'm no pup anymore. Day before yesterday I celebrated my one year birthday which technically puts me into adulthood. Or does it? If you're only as old as you feel then I must be four and a half months old because I keep up with Jackson all day long. And Dad still won't let me have the silver can juice. He says I'm not old enough yet. Something about being 21 human years old. I don't really get it. My birthday was great, though! We got to sleep in (as the picture proves) and Dad grilled up a turkey burger for each of us! And Jackson got in way big trouble and tossed outside because after he ate his burger, he decided to snag Mama's off the table when she was in the other room. Dad finally felt bad for him and Mama let him back in the house and we all sat around watching tv.

And the presents!! Mama brought home such wonderful presents! A stuffed cat toy, a squeaky ball, and a weird rubber thing for tug-of-war with Jackson. So far we have destroyed everything but the rubber thing. And a few days ago Dad got me a couple long and skinny stuffed toys that I shake around and hit myself in the face with. Jackson already broke one of them. Of course. We can never have nice things.

There are construction guys working on the house next door. Gotta go bark at them for an hour or six.



  1. tell yo' mama and the silver can juice sucker to consider a twin size mattress. it will make your bones feel better and be happy. a very good birthday present! you won't have to hang over the side next when little jackson hogs your bed.