Monday, August 3, 2009

A fine dane weekend!

What a weekend! I went so many places I don't even remember them all! Mama works on Saturdays so usually Jackson and I are just hanging out with Daddy at home while he does house chores. I don't really know what the word "chores" means but it seems to have something to do with sitting on the couch and drinking juice out of silver cans. But not this weekend! We left Jackson at home and took a Daddy and Dane day! First we went to Taco Bell. I had already eaten that morning so I didn't get anything but I'm used to not getting people food. Then we went to Daddy's office to pick up a piece of paper. Then we went to the bank. I've never been in a bank before but it was so cold in there! I guess being in a bank makes people scared because the lady walking out pretty much jumped out of her skin as soon as I came around the corner. I didn't bark or go toward her or anything so I know she wasn't scared of me... We went home and just hung out in the living room with Jackson the rest of the afternoon. Then on Sunday Mama and Daddy got up EARLY to go to the lake but the boat at Mama's Mama's house was broken so everyone just went back to bed! Oh man. Jackson is biting at my legs again. This kid never leaves me alone when I

hi!!!!!!!! this jackson! i bite big brother and makes him leave so my can types! he ready wroted bout the boat. then we go for lunch at mamas mamas house and play in the yard and run round the couch over and over and over and over and everyone laugh when i slips and slides. then we go dog park!! yes! play lots with big dogs and litle dogs. i plays in a kid pool just a litle bit cause my no know water too much yet. then mama and daddy has baskettis and whine. daddy gives me a lik of his baskettis on his finger but mama doent know so you no tell her k? i gotta go. big brother coming back! but here a picture us in mamas new car after the park! is big in the back! like it!

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  1. google-eyes!!! you blind your readers! put on some shades when they take your pictures!